Specialized treatments in bone reconstruction and in outpatient treatment of herniated disc and degenerative osteoarthritis.
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and Lumbar Dyscolisis

Procedure by which applies an injection of medical ozone directly in herniated disc stimulating all the cellular enzymes.

Bone fracture
and its compications

Operative technique in the management in non complicated bone fractures as in regular complications as pseudoarthrosis, deformities, shortenings and lost bone.

Mexico City and Cancún

Outpatient treatments of different spinal diseases without and with previous surgery as well as treatments for complications of orthopedic surgeries and osteoarthritis in Mexico City, Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Dr. Manuel Vázquezis an Orthopedist specialized in the management of Ozone therapy, pseudoarthrosis, infections, deformities and bone enlargements.

Ozone Therapy for Orthopedic conditions

It is the application of medical ozone for the treatment of diseases of the spine, shoulder, knee and hip.

Ozone therapy specializing in orthopedics seeks the same goal of conventional surgery: REMOVE PAIN. In this way it improves the quality of life of the patient.
Positive effects are gradually observed within 4 weeks after they have been performed and favorable outcomes occur in 80% of patients. In addition, the procedure may be repeated..


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